When someone asks me a tecnical question in something i'm interested in:
"It works like this ... Oh i also should explain you how processors work ... Anyway, when a bufferoverflow arises ... And thats how crypthography works ... and so does blockchain work ... anf thats why bitcoin is causing way too many stress on the power grid."

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    I feel ya dude
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    Uh oh. That sounds like me, going off an tangents because it happened in on the topic...

    forgive me if I do that.
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    I dumb it down as much as possible lol. Or just avoid explaining it by pointing the person in the direction of more information on the subject. That way if they actually care, they'll look it up. If not, I didn't waste my time 🤷
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    @jhh2450 i just find it interesting and start to explain it basicly to myself. While talking to someone. So basicly im rewinding my knowledge while explaining it.
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    me too .
    I keep saying things about my codes and after i while i know that they stopped listening because they didnt understand but i keep talking.
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    And suddenly you realize that you don't really understand it...
    BTW,welcome to DevRant!
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