I've been using webpack for a few months now but always using someone else's config. Today was the first project where I started from scratch with my own webpack config. Learnt a lot and it actually worked!

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    Worth the hassle? If you had to set up custom configuration on Day One would you give up?

    Asking for a friend... a friend very near to me... who needs to learn webpack...
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    @coderme it seems to be the default these days. It looks like gulp has gone the way of bower.

    The thing that threw me for a while was webpack is now v4 but some packages are only compatible with v3. Just to add another element of complexity...
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    @coderme by the way, this might help you, I mean, your friend learn webpack... https://laracasts.com/series/...
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    @chrisrhymes thanks, I will make sure to, uh, pass it on. :)

    Gulp, really? I learned grunt only two years ago, and gulp last month, so why we moving on already? Urg. JS.
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