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    Wait till WebAssembly gets here.
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    Its already here... You write javascript then transpile that to webassembly
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    @D--M I know, but it hasn't really taken off, and last time I checked, they were still ironing out some stuff. I should check again.

    Screw JS, I'm more excited by the thought of running C++ and Rust at the claimed "only 20% slower than native" performance. Emscripten is cool too, but nah, this is what WebAssembly was designed for.
    There's nothing as satisfying as a sweet optimized loop crunching through unbelievable amounts of data per iteration.
    Plus the faster loading time and all that.
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    @RememberMe WebAssembly isn’t meant to replace js
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    @-vim-hmm, true. At least, for now.
    I hope they eventually do make a DOM API for WA, though, that seems to be about the only thing it can't do.
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