What a great idea!

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    Yeah great indeed, like there were not enough spying tools around us lately, it was time to add this one for our own confort sake!
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    Someone already tried this with ssh-sessions, but the results were not satisfying. But with todays internet speed and AI advancements... maybe it'll be different. Fantastic things are yet to come.
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    Aren't they already using tools like these for online exams? Or is that a myth?
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    How is it paranoïa ? Like privacy and personal data was not a serious & real concern these days. That kind of tech could of course brings good stuff like every other tech. I'm not against innovation here, just lucid regarding the unavoidable cost that comes with it: here it's a brand new type of user data, which the world will have to learn to manage with the privacy respect that should comes with it.
    No needs to become paranoid here, just look around the amount of discussion about how companies are using/selling all kind of user data that already exists. I switched from iOS to Android last year, and I'm happy with it. But honestly: before it feeled like sucking dicks, now it feels like my phone is an infinite source of ads & useless notifs...
    It's just a fact that, for the moment, with innovation (as we currently use it) comes that problem expanding until we find proper solutions. I don't think we should be blind about this. This subject should be adressed, every time it's relevant.
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    I don't try to be mean, but when I was 24 I didn't care about this either.
    There are some domains where forging your own opinion takes time. This privacy topic which make so damn noise in our times is, at the end, a political question.
    And like with every political question, it's always easier to just not give a fuck. Until enventually life pushes you on paths that makes you think differently (or just more).

    I'm not going to summarize in a comment all multiple reasons why privacy as a basic human right is important and why "I have nothing to hide" is a very terrible argument. But look around, there is an infinite source of talking and writing about this. Just try to understand it with social empathy: the question is not about you having something to hide, it's about our society, meaning you need to think this at a much wider scale.
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    And about the "we are all humans" part, I agree on that and that's actually the exact reason why we should care about preserving our individual rights.
    Humans don't ride unicorns all day hugging everything that moves. They pretty well know how to be son's of bitches with each other too. And when you start looking at human behavior on a social scale, things are ugly and groups of people are suffering because of other groups of such humans with more power.
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