*me coding in Atom in world history class*
*Teacher walks over*
Teacher: Are you on task?
Me: I'm taking notes.
Teacher: It doesn't look like it.
Me: I set a dark theme for Microsoft Word.
*Teacher walks away*

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    Psshht. In half of my college classes the professors don't give a shit.

    My math professor last semester said "come if you want, if you understand it and your grade reflects it, don't worry about showing up. If you decide to show up and do other work, please just sit at the back and don't be distracting."

    I usually watch sports while doing work in my web dev class. (Dual screen, so VS on one screen, sports on the other.)
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    Tell the lecturer you are taking notes with LaTeX
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    What TF does he/she care what you're doing?
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    @jhh2450 You bring an extra monitor to class?
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    @Automata No lol. We are in a lab with dual screen computers.
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    *me coding in atom during class*
    *pc crashes, 'cause it's shit*
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    Id say teachers who give a fuxk care what you are doing. Obviously not all but some do exist!@bahua
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    Sure, but there is a difference between caring and micromanaging.
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    Is this high school or college? Only high school teachers would act like that. College professors could care less.
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    See? Lmao basketball and VS. 10/10 combo
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    @jhh2450 IDK why windows got this long search bar while when press windows key you are doing the exactly same thing... "search"
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    @sunfishcc Meh. On my own computers, I just display the icon lol
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    Wow... I which my teachers we're as gullible as yours haha... Sadly I can't get myself out of trouble that way :'(
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