I sometimes encounter developers who try to be serious all the time and be super rational at everything and have a pride in never smiling. One time my friend was crying and her dev boyfriend went like "I am a developer and I think rational, the way you think about X........." Dude shut the fuck up and hug her! Nobody gives a fuck about you being a RoboCop right now. The fact that you lack emphaty and emotional capacity doesnt make you a mighty god, it makes you a fucking asshole.

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    @irene I'm really happy for you!
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    Ask him to be a human at core not a developer. Development is a profession and we are human first and after that something else like dev
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    Lol, I recently started changing my attitude to being "more serious" kinda guy. Well, wrong decision maybe.
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    This is something I constantly remind myself of with my Fiancé. When she tells me a problem my immediate thought is to try and help fix it, but usually she just wants me to listen.
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