I love good advertisement but I hate bad products with "good" ads!

It's so difficult to find a reliable and up-to-date source for what's a good and bad game engine at the time. Every engine says it's the best. Every browser says it's the fastest. Every anti-virus app says it's the safest. God damn, come of with creative way and don't say your product is the best! *tilted*

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    Just do your own research and don't rely on advertisement.
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    When it comes to tech, like a game engine, don't search for opinions about it, but for people working with it. Anyone can write that it's a market leading state of the art whatever, but if there is no forum with activity, no stackoverflow problems, no issues on github, it probably means that very few use it.
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    As for AV just go without one if you know what you are doing :)
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    I use this site for comparing AV's for clients/friends/family that want an AV:


    I don't use one myself, though.
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