I understand now! I keep getting ++ on rants I wrote forever ago, and I finally understand the formula to become devrant famous:

1. Pick something that is mildly annoying and at least mildly tech related. For best reception, it should be something widespread, uncustomizable (and or difficult to customize so nobody does), and just mildly annoying so it's not too over played.

2. Post a long form rant, using almost the entire character limit to make this one, insignificant annoyance into a much bigger issue than it is. This is how the mainstream media does it, this is what the people want!!!!!

3. Somehow find a way to shift the blame onto one of the following groups: Microsoft, apple, arch, arch fanboys, arch haters, users, management, the fundamental laws of physics that allow computers to function, or in a worst case scenario start a flamewar (emacs sucks; arch is the best operating system; micro$hit; it's just Linux, if they wanted to call an OS GNU, they would finish fucking Hurd; etc. It's almost too easy)

4. Sit back and wait. You're now internet famous in a tiny portion of the internet. Congratulations. You've made it.

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    @irene Only topped by complaining about Windows "issues" that are basically misuse or misconfiguration. By the same sort of people who would squarely blame the user for both of them if it were about Linux.
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    Or, just spam-repost memes on the joke/meme category..
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    @xewl That's why you filter out joke/meme category.

    Now if only these dickwads could categorize their damn postd correctly.
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    This is the secret of fast success on the internet in general, as this is not only applicable to devRant, but other sites as well.
    Combine that with algorithms that sort by comment amount / activity and you will find out what's wrong with most social media.
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    @M1sf3t hmmm. Prediction conspiracy. Some company write an ai to produce news it thinks people want to read. Some other company makes ai that likes existing articles it thinks people will find interesting in order to boost them. The bots unwittingly work together to bury real articles below a mountain of bullshit.... Wait.... Is this happening already?
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    Be careful while ranting fellas.
    There will be judgement.
    Why would you rant about X when I like X?

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    @M1sf3t that made me chuckle 😁
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    You are mildly annoying and somewhat tech related.
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    @irene yeah, no, that won't fly here. Don't even try! Windows updates suxxx!
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    Honestly when i see a rant has [read more] in the end , i just ++
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    @irene @Fast-Nop both of those are only topped by the whining when someone expresses that they don't like something in windows
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