Is there any good place to learn html/css for free? Because sololearn or smth isnt look so good.

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    Maybe codecademy?
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    @Agred its same like sololearn just different UI
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    Udemy? There may be some free HTML courses. And a lot of paid ones.
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    Well yeah seems need to try paid. Because free tutorials isnt really good, most people who teaching u dont understand what they r doin. Like they just have a plan from a to z how to teach, but how to explain everything they cant:(
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    Umm 😐 The internet?
    no I’m not being a smart ass on this one.

    HTML/CSS will show up a bazillion times if you search for it, what are you looking to find as far as free courses are concerned?

    Interactive learning?
    Video tutorials?
    A book or 50?
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    Wow, book is smth! But it should be fun. Like i read unity3d book, there is many examples and many step by step:)
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    Any good books? :)
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    I would've started with recommending codecademy, they don't cover a whole lot in their courses, but it's a good base for continuing onwards, but you said you don't really like their setup. :/ Other ones would be like @rootshell said, w3schools, but I'd also recommend freecodecamp.org.

    Otherwise there's also this article with a lot of places to check out: https://learntocodewith.me/posts/...

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about edX.org too, but I haven't checked it out yet myself.
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    edX, ill check it:) thanks
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