Life as a developer.

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    @irene I have to rant unique, now? Shitt, i didn't know that.
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    @irene please stop trying to police content. Use the voting buttons. I’m getting tired of seeing you do it.
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    @irene post category repost? Not sure what you mean.

    Repost is explicitly for content that is voted as repost.

    Commenting on reposts gives the repost significantly more exposure than it would have otherwise gotten and tells our algo you want to see more of it because you’re interacting with it.
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    @irene understood, I’m just saying it accomplishes literally exactly the opposite of what you want it to, and it creates hostility, and it violates the rules.

    Very soon we will be launching content type filters which are for filtering stuff like “random” and “joke/meme”. You can also use stories right now which doesn’t contain of those.
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