Continuing my last rant:

Bitch now wants some ancient Greek region (mapped as it was exactly), with houses (basically every object that would be in such a house), doors, pickup, objectives, dragging things around, fully functional kitchen, well and river all fully functional. In a month. She upped the price. Now it's 200€.
I'm still laughing.

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    Tell ‘The Bitch’ to take the kids to a fucking museum and get some bloke in a cardigan and beard to talk about shit, take the €200 for the advice. My arse.
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    Holy shit.
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    Tell her that for that money, the only thing you can give her is a picture of your exquisite dick with a pretty bow tie. Alternatively, tell the kargia to go fuck herself.
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    @jsframework9000 xD I sure can send her a 3D model of my dick, that'll sure make her happy
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    You could get thousands of euros in ESPA money for a project like that. Not the 3d dick, the ancient one hahaha
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    @jsframework9000 Espa is love. Espa is life.
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