Never thought I would like a standing Desk, but this is pretty great. Got horrible sleep last night, was falling asleep at my desk, so I stood up and pulled the desk up and WAM! No more sleepiness! Who needs Coffee or Soda when you have the power of STANDING.

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    I think I'd rather kill myself
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    @mkdirLuci4 Welp... Thats an option I guess. I just don't like the taste of coffee, and I'm cutting down on soda so this is my next best thing. Definitely not going to be spending all day standing, but for small periods of time its nice. Just enough to wake up and stretch the legs (I have minimal leg room).
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    Just go take occasional breaks, stretch the legs, take a brief walk - but fuck standing all day. Thats literally the opposite of why I got into this industry
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    @mkdirLuci4 Thats why i'm NOT standing ALL day lol. I just do it when I feel like it. And its not like anyone is making me stand. I'm one of the few who have a standing desk.
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    I really love standing desks. I'm kinda going crazy by standing up to 6 hours at my current company. My productivity is a lot better and I can focus more. Best that happend to me - and glad you are enjoying :)
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    I read an article that says that you should stand for 4 hours minimum in a day for it to make a difference in health.

    I've used my standing desk mostly when a coworker comes to my desk. For that it is unbeatable.
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