People who use Angular, what are some cool tools?

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    You mean like angular-cli?
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    Try this one, it's called sudo rm -rf
    Just go to the root directory of your Angular project and run it there. Then weep in satisfaction at the feeling of release.
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    The best angular tool is probably vue
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    1x or the not-even-remotely-like-angular-but-we-called-it-that-anyway-lol?

    For 1x UI router and ngResource are really handy, beyond that not really much else worth adding :P
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    I don't really think you need more than what is provided. I use Angular Material too. This site is quite handy: http://mcg.mbitson.com
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    @RememberMe haha you funny
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    @ymas cool site, thanks!
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    @DLMousey cool thanks, I know about UI Router but will look into ngResource :)
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