Normally you would have:
- Management
- SysOps
- DevOps
- Devs

In the company (30-50 workers) we only have:
- Management
- SysOps (they don't know how to deploy apps beyond FTP to a webhost either)
- Devs

Jepp, management does not want a specific DevOps department, because he thinks every single "I just finished the Javascript course on codecademy" person knows how to deploy an app beyond dragging&dropping it to a webhost with FTP...

I tried to propose to them that I handle DevOps and teach it to others, so we can deploy code that we deem "production ready" in a more proper manner...
They refused...
They rather stick to "just use FTP to push any changes we made directly to the production server and test changes there"

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    wow. and that hasn't gone wrong yet?
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    The company I work for has:
    - Biz team (three sales people)
    - Dev team (myself and one mobile dev contractor)
    - one accountant contractor
    - one Idk? Legal person? Also a contractor.

    No test suite, no CI, no DevOps.
    No sanity.
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    @CoffeeNcode well, we havent ran a decent profit in a while, neither is the quality of code high n stuff so...
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    Still beats any tech startup that has management and me...
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    @cyanly but that's a startup, we are already somewhat established in the branche we work in.
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