So I work in a school as a network manager and general admin, but it is commonly known I am a programmer too. Anywho, I got asked by a member of staff to find a way to add all teachers to the classrooms (we use Google classroom) and I wrote down what he asked. I spent my evening at home working on it and got it 50% done and finished at work the next day. This member of staff comes in and was happy, so I read back what he asked me for and he turns around and says "Oh, I wanted you to add all classrooms to one account, didn't I say that" I tried to explain he didn't but he chocked it up to me not listening. I even showed him the piece of paper on which I wrote down what he wanted but no, it turned into a shouting match and I told him to leave. I finished the script but I'm wondering if I should actually give it to him. What's your thoughts?

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    Give him the script. It benefits him and maybe benefits the school. Otherwise your time was wasted and nobody has gained anything.
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    @Deadinside I just remembered I have admin access to the GAdmin stuff (didn't originally), maybe I could just run it myself?
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    Maybe, if you have the authority to do so and are confident that the changes are required, but if you give him the script he'll be the one responsible for implementing it and will owe you a debt of gratitude that maybe he would not have felt otherwise
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    I guess I can hand it off to him tomorrow. He is a bit...up his own if you catch my drift.
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    Yeah he does sound like a bit of a tool, but being nice (even to dickheads) is part of being a good human.
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    This is true, to be honest I wonder how one of my colleagues puts up with the help desk tickets...must drive them nuts
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