Spent ten plus years professionally coding, used c, go , python, openwhisk ,docker, kubernetes and God know what else. Now I have to convince those team members who coded so far in their free time that write fucking clean code, avoid dependency on distributed and hard coded configuration, how to build a product
Fuck my life

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    What do you consider clean code? I'm a CS major, and want to know what would help me have a leg up when I get into a coding job?
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    @Xilats Uncle Bob “Clean code” book is a good start
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    @Xilats example, it is not the way
    Def foo
    Return x
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    @Xilats as you code, put yourself in the place of the next person who is going to read it and build upon it. If it feels like it's going to be a nightmare to do so, then no it's not clean. That person might even be your future self :p
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