Does anyone else have that one guy or gal you work with that's ALWAYS the one to find the weirdest, inexplicable bugs possible? Yup. That's me. Here's some fun examples.

*Unplugs monitor from laptop, causing kernel panic*
*Mouse moves in reverse when inside canvas*
*Program fails to compile, yet compiler blames a syntax error that doesn't exist*
*malloc on the first line of a program causes a segfault*

And for how the conversation usually goes

Me: "[coworker], mind taking a look at this?"
Coworker: "Sure.This better not be another one of 'your bugs'. ... ... ... Well, if you need me I'll be at my desk."
Me: "So you know what's causing it?"
Coworker: "Nope. I've accepted that you're cursed and you should do the same."

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    ffs. stop touching the hardware.
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    @magicMirror I actually showed the kernel panic one to a guy at the apple genious bar and he responded "Well... That's a new one to me". Checked the logs and it blamed the USB driver. "I'm not really not supposed to say this, but I'm not sure how to fix that, because it shouldn't be possible."
    Stopped happening a few weeks later.
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    @Techno-Wizard I had someone like you in the office, everytime he tried to boot up his demo system, the yubikey was reset, and was unable to unlock the full disk encryption. I gave up, and took the demo system away "for inspection". Never gave it back...
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    I know the compiler one.
    I had it,it was because someone was wierd and wrote in an "unusual ide" where the tab/space was a ... Stupid thing...

    Had to put it in an utf 8 and solved it...

    For the others? Can you maybe put a wallpaper with a four leaf clove or a ... "Please computer no bugs today, i like you pleaseeee"
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    I'm that guy in my office.
    Like your coworker said, I have accepted my fate. 😀🔫
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    Switch to linux /s
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    I am that guy in my team. LOL
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    That's meeeeee! Happy to see there is a clan of us 😆
    Colleagues started to take the long way to avoid my place when they hear my frustrated noises
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    @MrJimmy I've reached a point where they get uneasy if I call them to show something. They're afraid they'll get the curse too. 😥
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    @dr-ant I think mine agreed that it's not contagious... but from time to time they kick me out of their place if they get random errors while I'm there 😅
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    I am also this person but I keep as much of it to myself as possible... weird stuff happens to my system aaallll the time. Apps disappear, network requests stop working but only to one API, computer hard locks on trivial tasks, system doesn't realize it's not plugged into an external monitor....
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