Me: *browsing devRant*
Friend who's on every Social Media paltform: what's that?
Me: devRant
Friend: *taking out phone* I need to join
Me: its for developers
Friend: *putting back phone in pocket* Ooh
Me: *grinning wildy in my sweet little heart* *yes you piece of shit. This one's not for you*

It feels good to have a corner thats not for everyone

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    That shouldn't stop them from using it, they might become interested in programming because of dR.

    I forced a friend of mine @Yasmin to join devRant, in hopes that she'll get interested in programming. It didn't seem to work, but at least I tried. I think she left the community tho.
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    @Michelle true, if it wasn't this "i know it all" friend of mine I'd have probably begged em to join. I just wanted to see him drown...for once.
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    @Michelle I just looked at her profile... brilliant
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