My mum wants to learn how to use a computer. She wants to help my dad in his business in case something needs to be done and neither me nor my dad are (currently) available.
Will be .... a great challenge, since she didn't use a desktop computer almost ever, but i'm nevertheless proud of her and will try my best to help her😍😊😎

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    Never used a computer? is she really old or been in jail for most of her life?
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    nah, she's 55 and never really had to touch a desktop computer.
    her phone is the only tech she really uses (excluding her car/radio/tv and so on as everyday usage) and even that just as a light user😏
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    Aw bless her heart, that's quite sweet of your mum tbh.

    Time to teach her dem excel skills
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    @SoulSkrix too bad even i don't have enough excel skill for her to learn πŸ˜…
    but focus will probably mostly be on how ui works and what she has to watch out for😢
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    @cb219 I'm sure you will keep her safe from viruses and the lot. My mum always manages to fuck up her computer no matter what I do; have a good mind to throw her on Linux where the damage is minimal and repairable
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    @SoulSkrix don't think linux is the appropriate way to teach her.😌
    i've tried linux mint and Ubuntu myself and found it too many hurdles to overcome. i kept trying it in the hopes of using it as a daily driver but i felt like running endless times into a wall, so in the end i kinda gave up😐
    (i'm more of the GUI guy who avoids to use the terminal whenever possibleπŸ˜…)
    i think we'll stick to windows since this is the environment she has to master... and all of our devices except phones run windowsπŸ˜•
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    @SoulSkrix and to your first part:
    yeah relatable πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
    i'll sure watch out for her but still she will have to do her mistakes.
    i know that feeling, we try to set everything up as secure as possible ... they still will find a way to fuck everything up, and we're like: how's that even possible??
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    @cb219 haha Linux is indeed frustrating and whilst normally you can search a lot of stick the problems or stick to safe apt repositories (in the distros you have tried) if I want to get something to work that is for normal use and not dev use it's fine, its getting the weird tools working that brings me some work. But on the brightside, after I used it long enough I found myself with a system where bloat and control aren't an issue anymore

    Haha fair enough, luckily my Mum doesn't tend to go outside what I've told her as she requests my permission to do certain things (if often give her explicit instructions when installing new things). Though that isn't much of a concern nowadays, no dirty toolbars etc. But as you say; they do find a way to break it or slow it down some how :)
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    @SoulSkrix oh my god, it's like parenting your mum on technology, that's so cuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
    on the other hand i tell my parents not to do, they still do it and then seek help when they realize the world begins to burnπŸ˜…
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    @cb219 haha well maybe they purposely fuck things up so they can have a reason to grab their sons attention πŸ˜‚ I know mine does
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