I'm currently searching for an internship in ireland.
May you know a company where I should apply.

Sure I will search for my own...

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    May be, I don't know but, maybe you will have more luck with your search if you type "Ireland" instead of "Irland" xD
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    @antorqs sry german auto correction
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    @Lapotor Haha tends to happen ;)

    Btw, I have a friend working in Ireland (Dublin). What's your area? (Dev, Support, DevOps). I can ask him...
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    @antorqs I'm interested in Dev but, in my free time I do support too.
    If possible non-java but if only java is possible there I'm happy with that too.

    Thanks for that. That was fast 😅
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    Facebook, Dell, Apple, Google
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    Look up a company called Kainos in Northern Ireland
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    I asked. They don't have a internship program atm. Sorry.

    Check LinkedIn.
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