I have a co-worker that gives me shit for locking my computer. Uh what?

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    Clearly he wants to use your computer
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    If you have exclusive access to certain resources it my be bothersome if you are always stepping out for smoke breaks. Maybe your comp played a great song on spotify and he wanted to know what it was. There are plenty of benign reasons, as well as malignant.
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    @gorsamp maybe you believe a bit too much in the good in people.
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    @daintycode OP provided very little information, I think we all agree privacy should be protected, but it was fun thinking of reasons someone legitimately would need a coworker's computer unlocked. At a big company a sys admin could watch all you do, at a smaller company people are usually open and would at least present reasons why they need access. OP hasn't presented any reason for us to distrust his coworker, although his aim is to convince us his coworker is a dick, we simply don't have the evidence. Maybe you believe a bit too much in the good in @Hishiro.
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    Teach him the benefits of a locked computer with a crash course while his computer is unlocked and he is away from it.

    Every fucking one of my coworkers leave their stations unlocked when they are away, I cringe so fucking hard every time.
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    You start giving the same shit back to him😂
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    @gorsamp We all use headphones and we're a small team. I don't know why he does it, he's done it a few times in the past. I imagine he just does it to be an ass.

    @azous Oh I tried reasoning with him before when he did it in the past. He obviously doesn't give a fuck so I just ignored him this time around.
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    He definitely wants to set your wallpaper to gay porn or sth...
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    @ArcaneEye works all the time
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