If I was Marc Zuckerberg I would also be abandoning ship as quietly as possible.


I would realize that you can only prey on the world’s emotions of loneliness and boredom for so long before even the sheep realize they are being led to slaughter.


I really don’t blame Facebook for this at all. The fact is that sheep need to be led by someone. That combined with the fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely was a recipe for massive success and then a decline.

Full Disclosure: While I am an infrequent user of FB I have always felt it was toxic and a tire-fire. Everyone around me disagreed so I came to he conclusion I was wrong and just phased it out of my life. Reading Nir Eyal’s book confirmed that the negatives outweighed the positives of FB. So, I am likely not the one to assess the value of FB in most peoples lives. However, I am inclined to think that most perceived value received is simply a fallacy.

But, if you think Facebook (besides
Messenger) actually provides value to your life I would really love to hear it! That’s not an empty challenge either, I would actually love to learn more about its value to you!

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    Its useful if you don't have someone's phone number... Other than that it was one of the most toxic things I ever partook in... And I've been way happier since I quit it quite a while ago
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    @Ace71425 me too. I still have it because of Fantasy Sports pool communication but other than that I really can’t remember what it was like to have that trash as a regular part of my life.
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    @leanrob to name a few... Arguments, name calling, cnn vs fox, red vs blue, Obama hate now trump hate, completely fake news stories that only ignorant people would believe followed by said people yelling at each other over it, fear mongering that racism, sexism, homophobia is a nationwide epidemic, gun arguments.

    Heres the way I see it. If 300 million Americans interact with 100 people a day (conservatively) between driving, work, grocery store, etc that's like 30,000,000,000 interactions a day. Facebook and all major media outlets cherry pick half a dozen of those interactions and make it sound like you can't walk out of your house without getting discriminated against, shot or blown up. And people buy into it big time.
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    @FrodoSwaggins If you are interested in the scientific reason why people are like that then have a look at the book “Hooked” by Nir Eyal.

    He gives a very good breakdown of the exact system of manipulation that FB uses.

    Basically, external trigger attached to a strong emotion (in this case loneliness and boredom), then a small commitment from you (open the app), then a variable reward (variability is super important to keep user guessing), then repeat.

    Eventually, people associate the emotion itself as a trigger. So instead of having the emotion and THEN getting a notification, and then opening FB, people just have the emotion of boredom or loneliness and automatically open the app.

    The book also have a long section in the beginning of how dangerous this is. It is dangerous.
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