Is Vim viable for Java ecosystem?

Im using vim only for years for various languages and I never had a problem. I dont use IDE or any GUI software almost never for programming.

Im being reassigned to a Java Spring project at my company, and my colleges are telling me I should start using some IDE and what not, but none of them gave me any real reason.

So Im asking is it really that inconviniet to work without IDE in Java/Spring ecosystem? Some real reasons pls.

Im developing in linux, and I know my way in bash

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    @Bitwise thanks for a fast reply. I never use autocomplete, but most of the time Im coding in ruby and python where I dont really need it. Maybe you are right about java.

    Any experience about maven for building? And managing dependencies without ide?
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    I use vim for everything except Java. Personally I think Java needs a full ide. Fortunately intellij idea had a great vim mode plugin.
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    Damn! You both just ruined my night!

    Jokes aside, Im grateful for your help. And you are the guys I needed (using only vim and stuff). I just hoped for a different answer.

    We'll see, since Im stubborn I guess Ill try with vim, but probably switch to intellij since rest of the company is using that
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    Spring tool suite is a good choice for springs
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    Man, too much files, too much stuff... I usually use an IDE for anything and I want to learn vim, but java (with Spring!)... I think you spend too much time on it this way
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