Doing some cable management, realizing after having disconnected all the cables that I've been working on the wrong rack. This is the rm -rf * of networking 😭

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    oh... that is unfortunate... 🙈
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    Do you have a backup, a.k.a. a file where it's written what should be patched with what?
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    @Wack I assume that exists somewhere. And whoever won't have connection will show up and complain so we will find out what needs to go back.
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    @MrJimmy that's one way to resolve it. If you go down that path, keep a journal of what you do, like <switch 01>:01 -> <switch 02>:12 and so on so you'll have a backup for the future.
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    @andros705 we do, but we are not the only ones there and not everybody follows the same policies (nor the same best practices)
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