Let's take a moment to appreciate interested and enthousiastic non-developers who really want to learn a programming language.

I am studying Medical IT at my college and most of my classmates aren't coming from an IT background.
We're currently working with Java, PHP, JavaScript and some require Node for their semester projects.

Some of my classmates approach me when they're stuck while coding and I try to teach them as much as possible so they understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix it.
I also show them how they can optimise their code step by step and they love it!

As a classmate told me yesterday:
"It's always so much fun working with you. I come up with a small problem, but I end up learning so much more about programming when solving a problem with you. I appreciate that."

It's a mindset I've learned when I was doing my developer apprenticeship back in the day. One of my colleagues told me: "if they want your help because they need a quick fix, tell them to kiss your ass. If you know they've already tried everything they could and ask you specifically because they want to understand what they are doing wrong, they are future developers with great potential, so go teach them."

May the force be with you, my enthousiastic little non-devs ❤️

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    I wish people at my uni were like this... Most of them are "quick fix" ones.
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    Good job, and that is how I helped classmates as well.
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    Force need to do less work because you are there for them. Keep up the good work. May the karma be with you
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    "Hey, I'm almost done with the assignment, can you help me real quick with the rest?"
    *proceeds to show me 5 lines of code*
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    My uni teachers don't even know js, html, Php, sql. They just read the books in class. Heck we don't even have a subject which teaches this.
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    Mutual help is key! Success does only come when we support each other.
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