"Not enough random bytes available". Whaaat? How? I don't uderstand?

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    There is a block device that gives you random bytes. Real random (at least it's thought to be by the os) not just pseudo random bytes. And since they need + it's from user interaction and stuff like that the kernel doesn't sample much by default so it might not have enough bytes in the pool of randomness to give back and such you have to wait.
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    In laymen’s terms, the computer uses stuff you do to generate real random data, so move some files, open this, close that etc to generate some random data
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    In a computer there are two types of Random. There is pseudo random and there is cryptographic random. Pseudo-random is algorithmically generated but can be predicted. Cryptographically random is generated based on real life events such as you moving your mouse, CPU Cycles, or background radiation. Because cryptographic random needs real life data it doesn't have an unlimited supply of random numbers.
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    @ilikeglue But the universe is simulated and humans have no free will, so there is no true random.
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    @bittersweet Holy shit you manage to make that incredibly deep
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    Truth is that I was too lazy to learn probability in math class, so I just wrote down

    "If you roll two six-sided dice, there is a 100% chance to get a specific combination of 2 numbers, and a 0% chance it is anything else. What the numbers are depends on the state of the universe, which was not provided in the question"

    "That's not how probability works"

    "Probability theory is used to guess shit when you have a severe lack of knowledge about the state and behavior of a system. Probability theory is a tool for the ignorant"

    Of course it got marked as "inadequate".
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    @bittersweet shh they don't have to know that yet :)
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