My laptop's back is rugged and rough so I can't apply any sticker...
Imagine the horrorrrrrr

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    This laptop is good for garbage man, don't waste time on a computer you cant bond with ;)
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    @Percemos I am in University rn and can't buy a laptop with my own money. Don't want to burden my parents more for cash, for something that is as irrelevant as this ... ( irrelevant enough to spend cash , not to post a rant ;) )
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    🤔 But all students have MacBooks.
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    @RustyCookie Wasn't into development before joining University. Bought the laptop for gaming ( windows ) . Installed Linux approximately 3 months after the purchasing it. My graphics card isn't supported by Linux. I really need to evaluate how I make my life decisions.
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    Fuck it put some stickers on it anyways
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    That's so sad :'(

    Maybe you can put some up on the track pad sides?
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    60 grit sandpaper should sort that out...
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    @xtaC damn bro, but you dont need a mac, nor windows, linux rules, just figure out the drivers
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    @seraphimsystems 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
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    It's made for the raining days... Like roof tiles
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    Things to look for before buying a new laptop.

    Sticker space
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