Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first twelve sharpening the axe. —A programmer.

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    as long as the client hasn't specified which planet's time we are talking.
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    don't worry, you have Einstein by your side
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    But then when they ask you to chop down another it's done in 1 hour
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    More like
    Learning what an ax is.
    Figuring out how to use the ax.
    Realized that a chainsaw exsis.
    Gassing up a chainsaw.
    Figuring out how it works.
    Tying off the tree so it won't kill you it the future.
    Ensuring nothing else will be crushed by the tree.
    Building your own chainsaw so you don't have to Lug this 200 lb 9 foot behemoth around.
    Then figuring out the chainsaw is missing a cooling component so you bolt one on.
    And the finally you cut down the tree only to have your boss say you cut down the wrong tree.
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    @jamesharrington That is sadly how it is nowadays. And it shouldn't be. One should propose a solution based on what one knows. Some people at work get paid to learn and still complain about shit. And I'm not talking about juniors...
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    @telephantasm I love learning I even don't mind learning on a project what I hate is having a lack of plan and direction.
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