When you spend a few days getting a monolithic LAMP app working in Docker so we don’t have to follow a 12 page install procedure... only to have your senior say “that’s not the way we do things around here”

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    I like the people who gives out a docker image or at least a docker file so that I don't have to mess around deps. Anyways what did he say when you said that docker is good and other. How do they do things there?

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    Damn. Same experience here. I also get "docker is not production ready yet". WTF, one of the main purposes of docker is to package applications to be deployed in production. If it ain't production ready, I don't know what is.
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    Same here, i was told "our client doesn't use and propably won't use docker".
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    We’re using containers with another project so they know it’s worth doing. This was the first product they made, and their only real money maker so they’re sensitive to any changes to it (aside from cramming more features into it)

    The way things are done currently everything’s local, install all dependencies, MySQL java etc., then start working on stuff. Problem is some parts weren’t documented and someone just knew what you were missing. The “works on my machine” excuse is heard way too often also.

    Thank you! I love this place!
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    Check out devilbox on github if you want a lamp stack in docker... It also has redis and memcached...

    But works a lot like xampp or the likes
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    I am yet to use docker for anything... And am waiting for someone to call me on it haha.

    I'll learn it when I have to, same as everything else but I do get that "not how it's done *here*" speech too often.
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    @seraphimsystems you could use it on development.
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