Damn you, Sublime! I love you, but for fuck's sake, why don't you provide syntax highlighting for x86 assembly? :(

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    Pretty sure theres a package for that
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    nasm assembly
    Something like that
    Ctrl shift p
    Package Control : Install
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    @Daveloper I fucking love you...
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    Glad it helped you 😊
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    @Daveloper Yeah, it was hard to tell the comments from the code. I'm planning on writing some code that'll execute C++ object constructors, so I can write my kernel in C++, and I want to do it in assembly, so this makes it much easier lol.
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    Am I from those few that only started to used sublime because notepad++ isn't available for Linux lol and use it only on Linux 😅
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    @gitpush Before I started using Linux, I used Notepad++ on Windows for web development, and code::blocks for c/cpp. When I moved to Linux, I bounced around a little bit before I found Sublime.

    So I guess I did something similar :p
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    Because it's not vim :^)
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    @SimpleJ I think I'll stick to an editor from this century... Lol
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    there are 3 different commonly used x86 assembly languages: gas, nasm, masm. which one would it use?
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    @gitpush did you try notepadqq on linux?
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    @tbodt depends what are you aiming to develop and on which platform
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    @fuhrmie531 never heard of it lol I'll check it out
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    @Lahsen2016 sublime is not written in javascript, if that sort of thing convinces you to spend money
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    Vim has this builtin (or some plugin has it for me, but pretty sure builtin) :eyes:
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