Dear Webmin,

how is it that you fail to update and fuck up every Apache config file existing on the server.

Why can't I just be a lazy dev tonight, instead of fixing your moronic actions upon those files, one by one.

Why is it that you frigging forget to close Directory tags properly.

Why is it that you show a Forbidden page when everything seems to be finally ok.

And why is it that I can not re-generate that shit with one button.

Fuck this shit.

sudo rm -rf /

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    Why do you use it? Panels like webmin, cpanel, ajenti tends to fuck up things like that
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    @Linux because of ease of use and no-brainism. It's not that bad, if it works..

    and another vps has yet to fail me on it and was automatically updated to the same version as I now have on this one, without those hickups...

    It's all good by now though; I had to force some updates, remove Apache from each "Virtual Server" and add it again, occasionally force the deletion of the config files. Nothing was really lost, and thus those configs were just freshly built again.
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