Heineken Experience, Amsterdam.

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    Windoze, winblows
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    I have a picture of that too, 6 weeks ago
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    @teequila 6 weeks?!!! Do they just not care? Like, either they haven't even touched it for 6 weeks+ or it happened again... I bet it's the first option
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    @teequila same place? Ahahah
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    Maybe its part of the presentation? (Heineken trolling Windows 😝)
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    @bioDan to show people that Heineken it's not perfect and it has some bugs aswell?
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    @vanz lol not exactly. Its kind of hard to say because i haven't seen the presentation but in my mind, i thought that the windows error was to make the user think there was an error in the application but later on the Heineken logo would appear anyway saying "even when bugs arise. Heineken is the solution"

    Or something along those lines
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    @bioDan I guess I missed the best part lol
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