Being a university student who is about to complete his first year, is being a google certified mobile web specialist worth it?? ( More about my background : I have been into front end developement for around 4 months and this has been my first exposure to " production level coding ". I have been improving my JS skills and am currently learning Vue. I have a fair understanding of backend and am trying to build a full stack app using express, Vue and sockets . I have an interest in algorithms , dsa and machine learning although I an not able to devote my full time on it but hopefully would be able to do it in 2 to 3 months. I also have an interest in Linux and all. ). Please suggest something . Thanks in advance.
PS : I know my interests are very random , but I am just exploring my options and being a freshman , I am confused A lot . So trying to figure out something that will help me in future too

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    You dont have your location listed, but in poor(er) countries its kinda maybe worth it, not much anywhere else. And yes im talking about africa and india.
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    @sharktits I live in India :( But if it's not worth a lot in other regions , maybe not worth doing it. Thanks for the advice though :)
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    In my experience, indian companies tend to give a shit about certifications like that. How muchd u have to pay? It seems worth up to like $100 maybe.
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    @sharktits yes around that only
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