I cannot believe that MS has not thought of something better than UAC... trying to re-install ADConnect after fixing an error, msi shits out 2502/2503 errors even though it worked first time on the original install. The fix, run the msi from an elevated cmd. Come On Microsoft!!!

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    Turn it off then
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    @D--M Sorry, should have specified that it was a server, so far it has not saved me from being on but you know the one time you turn it off some shit runs as elevated unchecked...
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    I found your problem then,
    Windows server. 😂

    (I say this before remembering all.my PaaS systems are running in azure... Under windows vm... 😥)
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    I mean, isn't this exactly the same as forgetting to do a command with sudo in Linux?

    Don't shit on Microsoft because *you* forgot about permissions.
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    @seraphimsystems not really, considering that it prompted for elevation when run normally and still broke, and I was running it as a domain admin. You should not have to run the msi from cmd at all since it should handle all that, also it worked normally the first time so who knows what happened. Googling msi errors 2502 and 2503 seem to be some of the most generic 'just dont work' errors.
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    @Nhil it prompted for elevation? And then still... Lol
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    @seraphimsystems yea, my thoughts exactly :)
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