It's 3am, just submitted an app for review for iOS... go to take one last test drive on the release build for android, and I get stuck in an infinite loop of "system up stopped working". An factory reset and an hour later, I'm saying fuck this, android waits, and fuck whatever Xamarin did to my phone. While I'm at it, fuck Apple for making me have 20+ icons in different sizes, and their shitty walled garden approach to a so called marketplace.

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    Get some sleep and you will have new energy tomorrow to solve everything 😊
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    Thought developing multiplatform with xamarin would be easy

    I was so wrong..
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    @Gigex I'm actually a huge Xamarin fanboy, but man was I mad last night haha
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    In case anyone was interested.. if your activity has a title bar image above a certain size, you just outright break android. lol
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