Been reading devrant posts for a month or so, this is my first actual post. I'm hoping it will be therapeutic. ☺️ I need something to keep me from killing my boss when I see him again tomorrow..

Some backstory: Currently working in HR for the last 7 or so years with complete shit for brains boss, even worse when it comes to anything related to technology. For almost two years I've been working to get another bachelor's degree. This time in computer sciences, to make a career switch to systems and software engineer. Last week I roughly had the following wonderful conversation:

Boss: we've needed new Recruitment software for a while now. Can't you make us one as a school project?

Me: 'Make us one?' It's not really that simple.. I'm barely halfway through my education, maybe I could do it, but it would take me quite a long time even if I could work on it fulltime.. Combining a halftime job with a fulltime education is taking up enough of my time as it is and I have more than enough school projects btw..

Boss: it would be a win-win. Work a little harder in your spare time and when you graduate you have a real-life project on your resume.

Me: I'm sorry, i'm failing to see the 'win' for me here.. I work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week on average, trying to combine work and studies. I'm pretty much maxed out..

Boss: Your coworker(also extreme dumbass) told me you wrote some quick code the other day that helped him out. Don't underestimate yourself, I'm sure you can do this.

Me(in complete disbelief by now): I wrote him an Excel-macro! They don't even teach me that at school. It's a very very very long way from actual software development! I'm sorry, it just can't be done.

Boss: Thats too bad. I expected you to welcome an opportunity like this and be more motivated towards this company..

Me: ***more disbelief and silence, just staring at him***
I'm sorry you feel that way.
***walked away***

WTF, I work my ass off for 7 years for this fucking shithead.. Even before I started this bachelors degree I had at least some understanding of the work developers put in their software. It blows my mind, no, it fucking angers me how people think making software is so simple.. Why do you think it's a 3-year education you fucking cunt?

Please, someone tell me how I can keep myself from ramming his fucking head through a wall tomorrow...

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    @AmbiScript Yes actually, he has no respect for his employees. The way he seed it is, I have 7 years of HR eperience (wich also means nothing to him btw) but 0 in software development, outside of school. He knows I can't wait to get some RL experience in the latter. So he thinks he can get me to just spend a few days/weeks of my spare time, that I don't have, and I'll magically develop the application we need and he won't have to invest.. Selling it to me as a great opportunity while being absolutely clueless about how unrealistic his request is.
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    @osiris1337 well, if you are interested in doing it, just don't do it for free...

    If you want to give it a go just tell him you will go out of your contract's scope for the company assuming that it is on company time... 2h a day of allocation or 1 full day per week to develop the software he is requesting...

    However, he will have to provide you with severs and licences you will require to do the software (if and when needed) and no promises on delivery schedule or quality of the output...

    If he wants the work he has to put out as well... Good experience for you but don't ever let anyone take advantage of you or your time ever
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    Make an estimate how much time it will take and then present him with two options.

    Option 1) do it during your working hours.
    Option 2) have them pay you for it. With let's say double your current rate (you then might hire a dev to do it ;))

    Make sure everything is in written form, as well as an agreed scope, debug, testing, waranty and such.

    Pretty sure after that he'll shut up about it...
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    @Wack @mmcorreia thanks for the advice. I asked for a follow-up and told him I wasn't comfortable with how things ended last week. Tried to make it clear that it's not a lack in motivation and as suggested actually presented him with some very rough cost/time estimates and options. Even showed him a relatively small school groupproject, with the logged toggl hours of me and 3 other students to show how much time even a simple project needs. He first admitted to underestimating both time and cost aspect and said he respected my decision. But in the end of the conversation he still felt the need to tell me he was disappointed. Whatever, I'll just do my job for now and in a little over a year I'll hopefully graduate and land a dev-job somewhere. Can't wait to not have to deal with this dick anymore.. :)
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    Best of luck!
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    I would say thank you for understanding and i'm sorry you want free labour...

    And remember... Extra work in out-of-office hours costs extra... Never sell your free time short... You need it to continue sane and risking that must come with a high price
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