When people writes commit messages in past instead of present tense.

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    The thought is to write what the commit does, not what you did.
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    What the hell does it matter, if the message itself is clear
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    @Senior consistency is nice, and helps keep things clear.
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    @Glinkis Mine are all consistently in past tense. 😋

    I don't feel strongly either way, however. I might try present tense on my next project to see if I like it.
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    @Root well, as long as it's consistent I really don't have a problem with it.
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    What the hell? Is it even a point of discussion? Isn't it obvious that you are committed what you did not what you are doing or will do
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    @py2js git itself seems to disagree. For example when merging, the default message is "Merge", not "Merged" or "Merges".
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    @Glinkis yes yes references for official git docs says the same but I disagree with the same and you will find lots of people like me. Past sense kinda makes it more intuitive. Anyways we categorise our commits like feat or fix or chore or docs, so on commits side we are pretty much structured
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