After 4 - 5 months of learning webD, I am trying to build my first fullstack web application (simple chat one ).

My stack :
Vue.js + Materialize

Express ( handling routes )
Mongoose/MongoDB ( Database )
Socket.io ( web sockets for real time connection )

Had dreamt of this 2 months ago where I built a basic front end using html and css, and now porting it to Vue is like a breeze.

Wish me luck and let's hope it doesnot become one of the unfinished projects. ( My university semester exams are coming up , would have to complete this as fast as possible ). I am also learning DSA + STL and aim to learn basic python syntax before holidays so that I can focus my time on ML during them. It's so fucking overloaded that I have my doubts ::((

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    0. Use LINUX, windows will waste your time, don't dual boot just throw a VM (assuming you have windows as only os)

    1. Don't give too much time for UI of your website, it is for learning and not a product to release

    2. Don't waste your time writing comments for your code unless it is a really complicated function. Make sure you use the right names for Vue components, functions ...etc. so that the name is enough to describe what this does

    3. Don't do Unit tests, though they are an advantage for a small project as it is not that much to write but they are a waste of time in your situation.

    4. Don't waste time with securing your API, just a simple username password => JWT, don't waste for antiforgerytoken for all functions, doing it for one is enough

    5. Make your code as dynamic as possible so that adding your features doesn't take lots of time (especially for vue components)
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    Congrats man, good luck,
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    Please add typescript in your backend else you will find yourself in callback hell or some weird run time error.. else everything looks great.
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    @bitjedi Thanks a lot man. But with this, I am putting myself a lot out of my comfort zone and learning new technologies, especially with websockets and how to integrate it with the database , so I will probably pass using ts . For my next project, for sure, I will use it. ::))
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