Do seatbelts even matter in a airplane? I mean the plane is going 355 mph...

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    She said that the reason cabin crew check that passengers are belted in is due to injuries that can occur during turbulence.

    “The reason you must wear a seat belt, flight crew included,” she explained, “is because you don't want the plane coming down on you.

    “People think they're lifted up in the air during turbulence. The truth is the plane drops. It comes down hard and it comes down fast and that's how passengers get injured - by getting hit on the head by an airplane.”


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    Or, as one comic said, it is so that when you ded after a crash, they can easily identify you by matching the seat number to the manifest. Easier than having to pick up random body parts and trying to identify who is who, you know.
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    @CatMDV read the article linked, what you/the comic said is not true
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    @JoshBent hence, a "comic"
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