Nova Launcher...

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    I use Microsoft Launcher. Its nice
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    @darkMatter I've never had problems with Nova, but today this happened...
    I'll try Microsoft launcher, thanks!
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    Try Evie launcher/C launcher also, if you wish to. I like them both.
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    @SheShell I'll try, thank you!
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    T-UI also I great.
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    @libcmg While I was using it, I didn't encounter any such problem but yes it hasn't been updated in a long time. I rolled back to Oxygen OS's launcher only. Works pretty well for me.
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    I recommend using Lawnchair (normal home screen that imitates Pixel's one) and KISS Launcher (if home screens are bullshit for you). T-UI is also worth mentioning, but I haven't tried it, so you can try that also. (all are free and open source)
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