Finally I found a webpage related to my bug.

The page is from 2004.

*keeps reading*

"Yes, yes! This is exactly the problem I'm having"

*Carefully reading each comments*

*Looking at scroll bar with stress*

*Almost coming to end, no signs of solution*

At the end the thread creator say: "Ah finally I've fixed the problem. Thanks everyone for helping"

*moment of silence*


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    I know the feeling...

    I just wonder what is worse - forgetting to post a solution or posting a link to a page with solution that leads to 404 with no wayback machine available.
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    Oh.... Fuck do I hate this..
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    Obligatory relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/979/
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    Also important to check the usernames in the thread. The OP could be yourself...
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    @andersoyvind Yes! This happens sometimes. Either "it's really time I learn how to do this -> find solution on stackoverflow, where I already +1'd half the suggested answers"... And either wrote the question myself, or even the answer :s
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    Every. Fuckin. Time.
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    At least a cliff hanger would have been fine, like a solution is on this or that (404) page....
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    Often my issue is that a solution from 2004 will somehow be deprecated :/
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    @tahnik You made me think of this xkcd


    You are not alone...
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    I think we all can relate
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    @longshorts this happened also, oh god
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    I hate it too. But luckily one forum I used to visit had a strict rule about this very thing. Share or get perma-banned. Sharing is caring yo.
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    @bowvernon110391 please tell us the name of this wonderful place!
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    @toXel oh it's a game programming forum. There's a general programming section in there though. It's www.gamedev.net
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    That's when I take solace in the fact that there exists a solution. But then there is a bit of despair because I'm no closer.

    It's rough.
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    DenverCoder9!!? Is that you?

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    I can totally relate to that
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    Even worse, I once contacted such a person who had fixed his problem without posting it.

    I email him telling him that it's my senior year project and thiz one line of code can help me alot.... he replies "No"
    Fuck these people !!!
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