how many docker lovers in the house?? Why do you love it?

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    1. its docker nt a vm
    2. woks everywhere
    3. light weight
    4. easy to use and deploy

    just one question is anyone using it for production?
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    I wanted to use postgres. So I made a docker compose file and specified I wanted postgres which was 5 lines maybe 20 chars total.

    That's how I got postgres in my app.

    Planning on going to prod with it in a week. But having a hard time sometimes finding information and best practices.
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    @morgh I hope u r aware of that docker is nt persistent unless volume or shared folder are attached or docker commit is run.

    digitalocean has a great tutorial on docker
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    I'm running gitlab in a docker container on an old laptop. It's fun not having to recode something after something bad happens to my computer
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    I love that I can take my application and all of its dependencies and make it easily deployable while leaving my base system minimum.
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    @rookiemaverick My app goes into production in a couple of weeks. I will be deploying around five containerized applications and using Ansible to roll out updated containers later on.
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    Setup my entire Dev environment in docker last week. Its amazing!
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    Simplifies build in a declarative way. Much easier to distribute and easier to pivot to different platforms.
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    - Gets rid of "works on my machine". If it runs on your machine, it will work 100% on prod also.
    - you can use whatever language you need for the job (microservices)
    - scaling
    - easily revert to previous version if you need to
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    I wish I could run my life in docker containers...
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    @skonteam docker pull idanoo/life (I need to make a container called life....)
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