Around a week ago I asked my mentor(lecturers friendly sidekick buddy 'o pal) if in iOS dev(the very next subject) I could virtualize, rent in cloud or run a hackintosh instead of buying a Mac. My mentor sounded enthusiastic and asked the lecturer of the next subject, who promptly said no, he did not support or recommend students who tried any of these approaches because in the past he had encountered students who have run into performance issues and we're unable to compile some things. Most likely those students were unable to setup GPU passthrough and whatnot.

However this is the exact point of a VM. It's exactly the same as if you had a real Mac. I believe this is just them being lazy. Tbh, this is an IT course they should be writing guides on how to do virtualisation, not preventing it.

Looks like I'm headed to the Apple store :(

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    If your laptop/desktop has a tonne of ram and cpu power (i7+32GB) then yes you’ll be fine running MacOS inside a VM , as long as the cpu allows virtualisation.

    If not then go buy a Mac or try macInCloud.

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    I already own a macincloud, have a hackintosh and a VM :)

    The main reason I'm all heated up about this is that the lecture told me that "I will not support any students who attempt these virtualisation methods", which means if I ever have a problem with compiling or anything, which is likely, he can look trhomy build logs..etc. and find it's a hackintosh based on the debug info, or if a crack and tell him it's a hackintosh or VM.

    Apply, y u do dis.
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    @coolq because I can’t be bothered buying a Mac when I have a laptop that can handle it.

    Maybe if I was doing iOS dev I would think about it, but I usually only use Mac for safari testing and the occasional dabble with Swift, no point in dropping a pile of cash on something I wouldn’t use on a regular basis.
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    Agreed, would much rather spend the money on a laptop that can do much more for what I want for less. Annoying!
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