i'm unhappy with my freelance project. should i quit? (Bad design, bad pay) And i dont needed but i say yes. I know its my error but im unhappy.

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    some things coming to mind

    - what made you accept it in the first place?

    - tried to discuss the design and pay?

    - tried communcating other worries/concerns you have about the project?

    quitting; consequences might be:

    - bad review on profile, if you are using a middleman website and the client doesn't take it easy

    - burning bridges yada yada

    - bad mouth of same client to other future clients
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    @JoshBent i take it 'couse my friend always call me when he gots a project. Yeah i talk with the client about the pay but he says that its all your budget :( that explain the architecture design. I'm afraid about my friend's reaction...
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    @mirzoz not a good friend if he can't take a no, if you're not contracted yet, then you can still decline and you might have to give your friend a talk too, just note the consequences I mentioned above, especially if your friend is the only job source.
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    @JoshBent I agree with that. Yeah i will pay my bad decision. And i work for an enterprise. Im freenlancer on weekends. Thanks for your advice and time to readme bro!
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