Long story short,
I made a repository on GitHub containing all the necessary files to build network-card specific firmware that the developer Mellanox does not suply openly to the general public anymore.

Can they (Mellanox) do something to me for that? 😨
And should i pick a license for that repo?

The files were grabbed from either an old russian ftp who grabbed them from the mellanox page years ago while they were available.
Or from some programs appdata tmp folder where they magically appeared during installation.

The files are 2 different kinds,
Either a core firmware textfile containing encoded binary 😵, or
Adapter specific config files that could also be dumped from the adapter card itself.

In total, mellanox provides version compiled 2.9.1000,
I obtained "sources" for
2.9.8350 and

Which are massively better and needed for certain features and functionality. Like building in PXE.


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    I believe you can't distribute them unless they have said otherwise in the license.

    The creator owns the copyrights even if the product is published. A license is used to grant additional rights to other people.
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