100 weeks is a long time, and I'm not even sure I'm gonna survive! But my roughly estimate is by:
- wk125; I've managed to live on my savings; Because I'll (try to) finish any project and just focus on my thesis.
- wk150; I've defended my thesis. Now I apply for PhD and get rejected.
- wk175; Begging for my last job to get hired again.
- wk200; Thanking myself for not buying bitcoins back then.

Probably I'll also manage to learn Go somewhere there.

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    Hey there, It's wk125 are you even still alive ?
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    @undefinedUser In fact I'm pretty ahead of my schedule! I've already defended my thesis and also was accepted in the PhD program I couldn't even dream of. Totally left any project I was attending and right now I'm only focused on study.

    Thanks for the remainder though 😊
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