I don’t want to come across as entitled, but what kind of person gets a software internship in California?

I go to university in California, I’m a junior CS student, I have 8 public ios apps (2 charted in US, 1 acquired small sum [5k]), I completely designed the blockchain parameters and built multiple front-end apps for a new cryptocurrency (it hit 3mil$ market cap).

And I applied to 22 tech companies. Rejected from pretty much all (waiting on my dream company still). Do they just not even get to some applications or do I literally have to be superhuman?

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    Get a girlfriend, the time you wait for an internship will seem to go faster.
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    You just have to be the right candidate, at the right time, and at the right place.

    It’s sort of luck that some get into their current companies. Albeit, after that is algorithm interviews and your chance to prove your worth.

    However, don’t feel disheartened! It will come. You just have to keep trying.
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    @growling Thank you for this comment, it made me feel a lot better!
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    At this time most companies already hired their interns for the summer. Mine gets most of it's s/w interns during the fall career fairs. And any that didn't say yes are filled in at the spring fairs.

    Best of luck though!! From what I hear it's really easy finding a full time offer in Cali at least.
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    @twistedvip that definitely is good to hear! That's what matters the most anyways
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