I was fine with Eclipse. Then everyone around me told me that Eclipse is old and IntelliJ is new and super cool and makes me super fast and much more productive. Finally in our company we got a Ultimate 2018 license and I started to use it. There is a function: import from Eclipse. Hey cool - let’s import and go... but no. After importing I needed one day to get that running. But I’m not really convinced. After that... ok let’s try another project where colleagues have used IntelliJ already. But after checking out - that also didn’t work well and I spent the whole day it running locally. Although it’s a maven project. Up to know I think Eclipse is better in handling Tomcat and better shows the version control state of files. And for me the workspace concept of Eclipse seems to be better than the project concept of IntelliJ. But maybe I just have to get a better understanding of IntelliJ. Hopefully I can do my first coding in IntelliJ tomorrow. Maybe then I can see all the benefits. So far...

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    Jetbrains IDEs are utterly garbage, take for example PHP Storm, fucking open a drupal project and bang!!! 3~5 GB only on the fucking IDE, I got 16GB of RAM but that's just bullshit.
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    @DevNullStdin with that memory you get the best intellisense in the business. It keeps everything cached that it can for your API and working environment, it's bound to get bloated by big ass drupal
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    All Java IDEs are pretty bad sadly
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    Bullshit, VS can do that too, besides LSP is way robust than that crap
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