So, i've always loved programming for as long as i can remember. But lately while sitting here working with it i havn't had the motivation or drive to program. I'm currently at an internship because the school i go to requires it, and ill be done in about 2 months (been here 3 months already), and im really not feeling it anymore.
Maybe it's because it's ASP.NET core 2, or becaue im not getting paid.

Is this because it's an internship? Will i have a better drive for programming when i actually get paid for it? Or do i just need to suck it up and maybe spend more time programming at home?

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    @Franboo Thank you. Right now im actually sitting alone at work 90% of the time.

    I do have a few personal projects in mind that im thinking of starting, and i have a friend that shares my passion so i will try to get a project going with him.
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