In a weekend release chatroom, the lead- working from WiFi in a bar- asks "What's the issue count?" But forgot the "o".

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    $law_suits = mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT CUNT(*) FROM employees WHERE gender = 'f'"), 0);

    if ($law_suits > 0) echo 'you done fucked up son';
    else echo 'pheww that was a close one.';


    I wonder if there's a chrome extension that hijacks POST requests and cancels them if it contains something offensive being sent to a work related url. A cool idea :) but what about websockets ....hmmm
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    > may or may not have accidently [CTRL]+[v]'d unsavory text/urls then hit [ENTER] thinking it was something else
    > ....
    > wtf-have-i-just-done.gif
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    He could just be Australian.
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    it was awkwardly disturbing because we had three ladies on the team. :)
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